Charlotte Center City is an asset to companies that are repositioning toward innovation, sustainability, and the 21st Century economy.

Uptown, Charlotte’s central business district, is home to a variety of industries and more than 1,200 businesses of all sizes—from tech startups to Fortune 500 companies—and the corporate headquarters for Bank of America and Duke Energy. It is a place where companies grow and succeed. Uptown is the center of commerce, providing access to customers, partners and services located in LEED-certified office towers, tech incubators and co-working spaces. 


Square Miles~2
Office Square Feet21 Million
% of County Office Space41%
Class A – Office Square Feet13.3 Million
LEED Certified Square Feet7.3 Million
Total Employees73,000
Total Wages4.6 Billion

Source: US Census Bureau. Local Employment Dynamics on the Map (2009) & Quarterly Workforce Indicators (2009). CBRE 3Q 2012 Reports.

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