Why Center City

Charlotte Center City is the most vibrant urban center in the Southeast—a place set apart by decades of visionary city-building investments and a business-friendly climate in the heart of the second-fastest-growing city in the nation.

More than 1,200 companies call Charlotte Center City home. It is a place where business strength intersects with quality of life, where tradition meets innovation on every corner. Uptown, Charlotte’s central business district, is within 15 minutes of Charlotte-Douglas International, the world’s seventh busiest airport, and at the heart of the region’s transit hub featuring light rail, streetcar and the largest urban bike sharing system in the southeast. 

But Charlotte Center City is more than the center of employment. It is the economic engine for the entire region. With unmatched urban amenities, broad housing options, and a palpable vitality, it is a magnet for talent. And in the 21st century economy, business follows talent. Whether moving here, growing here, or starting here, smart companies can’t afford not to be in Center City. 

For more information about locating your business in Uptown or South End please contact James LaBar at 503.724.0054 or jlabar@charlottecentercity.org

The 2020 State of the Center City Report is packed with stats, stories, and information. Download it here.