Gourmet Kettle Corn Vender Joins 7th Street Public Market

June 9, 2017 11:49 am

Pop into 7th Street Market this summer to try some unique kettle corn flavors and refreshing lemonade from “It’s Poppin Gourmet Kettle Korn.”

“It’s Poppin” is not your typical popcorn stand, they offer over thirty different kettle corn flavors.

For foodies looking to try something new, some of their flavors include, chicken and waffles, pepperoni pizza, beer, and mac-n-cheese. For the less adventurous, “It’s Poppin” also offers traditional flavors including classic kettle corn and garlic parmesan. Their most popular flavors are garlic sea salt, fried chicken, and strawberry cheesecake. Enjoy the kettle corn with some of their homemade lemonade.

Creating these unique kettle corn flavors is a joint effort between business owners Janelle Doyle and Desmen Milligan.

“We base our flavor creations on Desmen’s extensive culinary background and the food flavors that we love to eat” said Doyle, “we also use the public’s responses from our samples.”

Originally Doyle and Milligan wanted to open a food truck but after some brainstorming, they decided to start their own kettle corn business instead.

“We thought about what would make us different and make us stand out. Making kettle corn with food flavors was the answer” said Doyle.

“It’s Poppin” opened only six weeks ago and was already featured on Charlotte Today, Charlotte Five, and sold at multiple community events.

“With the amazing responses and feedback, we’ve been receiving, it can only get better from here” said Doyle.

“It’s Poppin” is located near the 7th Street entrance of the market.


By Lane McCurly