Skookum Tech Talk: Product Innovation through Custom(er) Strategy

Friday, June 19, 2020

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

From starting up as a sole proprietor to running a large corporation, one thing every successful business needs is a strong Customer Strategy. This shouldn’t be confused with the company’s goals, mission statement, or some strange attempt to cluster all of the product visions into a one-pager.

A customer strategy should be able to express the distinct value and the experience your team delivers to a specified customer segmentation. It should clearly articulate the problem that your product or services plans to solve, and what it should mean for people on the ground.

In this session, David Brown and James Maxwell from Duke Energy will share their personal experience of how to identify and leverage the right customers to gain insights on how to deliver the product. Going beyond just delivering features, finding the true romance of authentic product management.

This means delivering with purpose, and no matter how long the journey is – from identifying the feature, and then the story, moving it through the backlog, and delivering it into the hands of the customers – the real value will be lost if the specific intent is not communicated.

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