Center City Fried Chicken Round-Up

November 2, 2017 4:43 pm

This weekend marks another home game for our Carolina Panthers. For this Charlotte Center City Partners reoccurring newsletter special feature, we are pairing the iconic foods of visiting NFL teams with Center City restaurants offering them. In honor of our NFC South rival, the Atlanta Falcons, we are highlighting the Center City’s best places to purchase fried falcon (chicken) for your tailgate. As always, this series is not intended to be a comprehensive Charlotte restaurant list. Rather, it is limited to those restaurants within an easy, *one mile walk of Bank of America Stadium. The reviews in this feature include brief descriptions of the selected establishments, short do’s and don’ts and alternative food choices all to optimize your game day experience.

South End

Price’s Chicken Coop – This Charlotte fried chicken institution has received lots of press in recent years, but there is a reason they have been serving the city since 1962. Their chicken has graced Charlotte’s tables and work sites for years with universal appeal – believe the hype.

*Side note – my dad worked a light industrial site on Foster Avenue in the early 1970s, and has always been a Price’s guy. He swears by the livers and gizzards, but I have to take him at his word.


Do: get the hush puppies – they are the best.

Do not: bring a credit card or stop by for chicken on Sundays or Mondays.

If not fried chicken, then try: the gizzards, and tag us in images and videos with you eating them on social media.


Quik Shoppe Shell Station at 200 East Boulevard – We all seem busier than ever, so what could be better than a place where you can get fried chicken, gas and a bag of ice? This one-time insider chicken spot in South End is now widely known for excellent fried chicken. Do not let the outside fool you, the Quik Shoppe in the Shell Station at the corner of East and South Boulevards is the real deal.

Do: get the chicken wings, they are really good, especially for those who like to multi-task.

Do not: plan to dine in the Shell Station, it is a carryout only place.

If not fried chicken, then try: filling up with unleaded. As of Thursday afternoon, regular gas was $2.40/gallon.



Mert’s Heart and Soul – Uptown’s go-to Soul Food spot, Mert’s has what you need and convenience to the 7th Street Public Market light rail stop.


Do: check out Mert’s big list of recipes on their website. They even have some video recipes there as well.

Do not: skip dessert, Mert’s is known for their pies.

If not fried chicken, then try: brunch! Mert’s has a great brunch selection and opens at 9 a.m. on Sundays.


The King’s Kitchen – Serving food with a mission, The King’s Kitchen uses locally grown foods and ingredients from around the Carolinas to support local farmers and donate their profits to feed the city’s poor. Dining at this Uptown, southern comfort food destination will make you feel good while you eat well.

Do: get catering ahead of time for Sunday games, because they take Sundays off.

Do not: forget to eat your vegetables, their sides are amazing.

If not fried chicken, then try: the pork chops, David McConnell swears by them.


Historic West End

Church’s Fried Chicken 1735 West Trade Street – This Church’s location near Johnson C. Smith University is a chain restaurant with a local feel. The Historic West End newsletter is going to profile some of the long-time employees of this restaurant in the coming weeks. If you want to read the great original content coming out of the West End, subscribe to their newsletter here.

Do: try the spicy chicken.

*Do not: mind the fact that Church’s is further than a mile from the stadium. They are worth the extra distance.

If not fried chicken, then try: their fried fish.


Bojangles #16 1402 West Trade Street – Another chain chicken place, but this newly renovated Bojangles location has free Wi-Fi and a cool biscuit-making “theater” where you can watch biscuits being made every 20 minutes.

Do: get extra biscuits for the tailgate.

Do not: forget the sweet tea.

If not fried chicken, then try: a Bo-Berry Biscuit.


Fine Print

In the interest of full-disclosure, our evaluation criteria have no basis in science and have not been peer-reviewed by any governing board of food experts. Therefore, we encourage our readers to get out and judge for themselves.

Next Week

Week 10 the Panthers play the Dolphins at home on Monday Night, and we will be reviewing Center City’s best seafood. Tag us on FB: @charlottecentercity Instagram/Twitter: @cltcentercity #CCCPiTeam and give us your recommendations for the best Miami-style/themed restaurants in Center City.