Charlotte’s bike-sharing program to expand later this summer

June 25, 2013 2:16 pm

CHARLOTTE – The Queen City’s bike-sharing program, B-Cycle, is nearly a year old, and supporters say they’re thrilled with its success.

“I probably pick up a B-Cycle close to daily,” said John Zugelder, who lives in South End and uses the bikes to commute to work. “It’s really become a staple in terms of my getting around town.”


Charlotte B-cycle

The program includes 200 bikes and 20 stations.

“The good news is all of them are getting used,” said Dianna Ward, the program’s executive director.

There are daily and yearly passes. Riders have to check it in at a B-Cycle station every 30 minutes to avoid extra fees.

“It’s bike share, so it’s meant for people to take short trips,” Ward said.

The program is intended to be an extension of the city’s public transit system.

“On a bike you can get anywhere,” Ward said.

For years, people in cities like Denver, Portland and Washington have been able to cruise around town because of bike-share programs.

Charlotte isn’t that late to the party; New York City just started a bike share program this month.

“This is one of those amenities that I think people are going to grow accustomed to expecting when they move to a place,” Ward said.
B-Cycle is also popular with tourists who want to see Charlotte. Zugelder’s advice to first-time riders is simple.

“They’re like tanks,” Zugelder said. “So just hop on it and go for it. You’re not going to break it. You’ll be alright.”

Soon, riders can go even further. B-Cycle will announce an expansion – with more bikes and new stops – later this summer.

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By: Adam Rhew

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