Envision Charlotte Touted as Model “Smart City” Program

October 28, 2014 9:54 am

City of Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter today proclaimed Charlotte as a “Smart City,” naming Envision Charlotte as a leading example data and technology program. The Smart City designation recognizes the City’s ongoing efforts to use technology and data to implement sustainable initiatives that help grow Charlotte’s economy, improve delivery of its services and improve the quality of life for Charlotte residents, businesses and visitors.

Mayor Clodfelter named Envision Charlotte along with Mecklenburg County, EPIC, E4, CLT Joules and other programs as energy industry leaders. Charlotte’s reputation as a hub for the energy industry continues to grow. More than 1,800 energy companies and 34,000 employees call Charlotte home, and the region has 10 percent more energy jobs per capita than the national average.

“We are building a Smart City like no other,” said Amy Aussieker, Executive Director of Envision Charlotte. “We aren’t just connecting the public sector or just one business, we are crossing those lines and bringing together universities, public and private entities with multiple owners, utilities…and we are finding efficiencies through data.” Aussieker also notes that as the program continues to build its network and data set, it will begin to discover efficiencies that can be found “at the nexus of water and energy.”

“This Smart City designation shows that Charlotte has already laid the groundwork and is successfully implementing sustainability programs using technology and data,” said Rob Phocas, Energy & Sustainability Manager for the City of Charlotte. “Envision Charlotte is an innovative example of this, and we are proud that it is unique to our City.”

Envision Charlotte and Duke Energy announced in June that Uptown Charlotte buildings have reduced energy consumption by 8.4 percent since Envision Charlotte was launched, saving businesses an estimated $10 million or more. Charlotte is among the first cities in the world to have developed a measurable program in more than 60 buildings within the central business district.

Envision Charlotte is a first-of-its-kind public-private sustainability collaboration. There are four pillars: energy, waste, water and air. The primary focus of Envision Charlotte’s first pillar is to reduce energy that is wasted in commercial buildings within Charlotte’s 1.94 square-mile central business district by using innovative technologies to encourage energy efficiency and changes in consumer behavior.




About Envision Charlotte

Envision Charlotte is a unique public-private partnership that leverages sustainability for economic growth as a model for all communities.  Envision Charlotte believes environmental sustainability, when combined with a pro-business approach benefits the regional economy and is achieved through perpetual, formal stewardship of defined resources in the environment in the areas of energy, water, air and waste. The vision of Envision Charlotte is to become a global model of environmental sustainability for measurable community and economic results.


Envision Charlotte and its model programs have won industry awards and been the subject of national media campaigns, news articles and a Harvard Business School case study. For more information, please visit www.envisioncharlotte.com.

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