Join the Cast of the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade!

October 6, 2017 11:25 am

Imagine a crisp morning in late fall. You are the only one awake in your house. There is a peace and stillness that only exists in that time before the sun has risen. You can still feel the warmth, joy and fun from last night when you received family and out of town guests the night before. In this quiet time of building excitement, you can enjoy that first cup of coffee as the house slowly awakes.

As family and friends wander in, you remind them to get dressed because today is the day. Today is Thanksgiving, and you are an integral part of this celebration. Because today you all chose to be cast members in the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade.

As cast, you will escort the beautifully handcrafted floats, the colorful balloons, or move to the sounds of marching bands along Tryon Street. You aren’t just at the Parade you are the Parade. You are part of a Charlotte institution that has kicked-off the holiday season in this city for the last 70 years.

You, your friends and your family understand that the number of elements in a procession do not make a parade. Rather, it is the cast who transforms a procession into a parade. Because the cast extends the festive feeling created by the float into the crowd by interacting with the viewers as the parade passes. You understand that without your participation, and that of the nearly 1,000 others who serve as cast members, this Thanksgiving Parade would not be the biggest, and the best, in the southeast.

By noon, the parade is over, you have not missed any football, and dinner is still cooking. Meanwhile, you, your friends and family have already accomplished so much. Long after dinner is done, and long after you have forgotten who won the game, you will remember that year you were in the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade.

If you want to create your own Thanksgiving tradition by becoming a Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade cast member, see for details.