Arts & Culture

The Center City’s enduring legacy of planning and public-private support for arts and culture has contributed quality experiences and inspiration for residents from all walks of life. That legacy of support has resulted in dozens of diverse arts, sciences and history venues large and small. Cultural organizations are one of the foundations of the economic engine that are core to our healthy region. Arts & culture plays an important role in our ability to attract and retain talent and major employers, plus they are essential components in the creation of a healthy, vibrant community.

The arts are foundational in our community’s pursuit of equity and inclusion, and is best served through mission-based organizations in our cultural community. The arts feed the soul of a community, fosters connections among all people and ages and creates emotional links between neighborhoods and cities and the people that live, work and visit. 

Arts & Culture by the numbers:

Recently, the Center City Partners’ Board of Directors passed a resolution that reaffirms our commitment to the value of arts and culture in our city and our community. Click here to read the full statement.