Historic West End Initiative

The Historic West End, anchored by Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU), is less than a mile away from the thriving central business district of Uptown Charlotte and home to Charlotte’s oldest surviving middle-class African-American neighborhoods.  Over the past two decades, the neighborhoods have seen some decline, but positive change has begun as people seek to live closer to Uptown in these charming and dynamic neighborhoods with over $200MM in public and private investments.

 In 2015, key community leaders invited Charlotte Center City Partners (CCCP) to serve as the catalyst organization to further define and implement meaningful and sustainable economic development in the Historic West End. The Knight Foundation awarded CCCP a 3-year, $1.5 million grant to fund this work. Initially, CCCP will focus economic development efforts in the West Trade Street/Beatties Ford Road corridor from I-77 to NC-16, as pictured below. However, the impact of this work extends outside this corridor, so CCCP will seek to engage stakeholders beyond this area.

CCCP worked closely with community leaders and received feedback on a tactical framework organized into three themes: Engage, Prosper and Enjoy. The Historic West End Tactical plan is organized by those themes and will be used to coordinate, stimulate and lead redevelopment efforts in Historic West End.

Funding will be used to work with the community to expand economic vitality in the Historic West End on the Gold Line corridor along West Trade Street and Beatties Ford Road. It will support strategic recommendations for this area outlined in the Center City 2020 Vision Plan and the Urban Land Institute’s Corridor report.

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VIDEO: Sameness In Diversity: The Legacy And Promise Of Charlotte’s Historic West End


Sameness In Diversity. The Legacy And Promise Of Charlotte’s Historic West End. from Dan Morrill on Vimeo.

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