(More) Observations from 7th Street Public Market

March 9, 2018 11:53 am

In part 1, I offered a few observations made while having coffee at the 7th Street Public Market. This week, I arrived at the Market fully awake and caffeinated, having enjoyed my coffee with my wife at home. She had eaten oatmeal, but I abstained. I wanted my hunger at a maximum. I also wanted to eat healthy. So I was, and I did. And here is what we observed on a sunny Saturday morning at the Market:


Initial impression: the Market looks like community.

Families with tykes-in-tow, high schoolers, and a pretty-exhausted-looking firefighter crew all sat, enjoying the fruits of Center City’s mission-based food hall.


First course: I overthought my experience at Rico’s Acai.

Me: “This acai is so complex! It’s like chocolate and berries and red wine and…”

Wife: “Tastes good.”

Me: She’s right.


Second course: Free samples at Viva Raw were my breakfast dessert.

And I bought an Almond Cacao Bliss juice for 2nd breakfast.


After a satisfying breakfast, I started dreaming about future meals at the Market.


Afternoon snack-down: It’s Poppin’ Gourmet Kettle Korn currently has 29 flavors.

Owner Janelle has a magnetic personality, and oh, she’s figured out how to ‘fried chicken-ify’ popcorn.

*pro-tip: Grab a fruit water when you arrive for lunch and get a free refill for the walk back to work!


Dinner solved: Bonsai Fusion has 2/$9 rolls.

My wife loves sushi. I’ll keep this in my back pocket for a mid-week date night.


Dessert anytime: The (baked!) donuts in the case at Gâteau look like little delicious cartoons.

Just give me a carton of milk.


All-day breakfast: Hazelnuts Creperie has that covered.

And my prediction is UNCC students will take advantage of it once the Blue Line extends north from the Market to campus on March 16th—Ben Jarrell