Panther Tailgating v Cardinals and Season Recycling Overview 2014/2015

January 13, 2015 11:29 am

Well, after a great season that led to the playoff’s it came to a premature end this past Saturday in Seattle.

However, we do have some tremendous results to share from a sustainability perspective. We collected 4.26 tons of tailgate recycling in our playoff win against Cardinals on January 3rd.

Tailgate Total Tonnage

So our tailgate tonnage total for the season was a record 45.35 tons which surpass’ s last season’s total of 36.76!! With that being said, I now want to thank all the participants who make it happen:

– The  volunteer groups that came out each game, a season total  of 154 volunteers without whom, this program wouldn’t succeed!

– A special thanks to Kerry McCray our volunteer leader who is there rain or shine!

– The City of Charlotte Solid Waste team led by Eric De La Pena, who are always there to provide transportation, support and their enthusiasm for the program.

– The Parking Lot consortium; Preferred Parking, West Parking, Spectrum Parking, E Z Parking, and all the independent parking lots that participate in getting the recycling bags to the tailgaters.

– Center City Partners for their stewardship and media outreach.

– Bojangles for sponsoring the yellow recycling bags, and gift cards given to the tailgate winners who are ‘caught’ recycling the right way and their parking lot attendant’s.

– ESPN 730 for their support and sponsorship.

– Carolina Panthers who have been a tremendously supportive partner in the 6 years the program has been in effect.


The Panthers continued their tremendous recycling program inside the Stadium utilizing the 40 yard roll offs provided by Mecklenburg County. This season 76.63 tons of recycling! Of that total, 25.56 tons was aluminum! To add to this, the food waste program diverted an additional 6.65 tons. The Panther also donate caps for the program which are greatly appreciated by the volunteers.

With a total of 83.28 tons being collected inside the Stadium, combined with the 45.35 tailgate tons…… we have a total of 128.63 tons diverted from the landfill for….you guessed it, a record season!!

Thank you to all of you who make this happen!

Have a brilliant New Year!

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