The State of Center City (Canines)

April 24, 2017 12:40 pm

The State of Center City (Canines)

Maggie Collister is Charlotte Center City Partners’ Director of Research and is responsible for providing relevant economic and market data and research on issues impacting the quality of life and business environment in Center City Charlotte.

Tuesday’s release of the 2017 State of the Center City report is a big day on her calendar, but now that she has time to breathe, we thought it would be fun to ask her to tell us something we might not know about Center City Charlotte. Here’s what she had to for us:

A recent survey of Uptown residents found that 42% of residents have at least one dog, with 10% having two or more. Center City dogs can be seen enjoying Romare Bearden Park, walking on the Rail Trail, and riding in high rise elevators.

Center City residents pamper their dogs, spending 15% more on pet services than the average Charlotte resident. In response, businesses catering to dogs have opened in Uptown and South End. South End offers 7 business catering to dog owners, including groomers, day care, trainers and even a spot to buy a dog friendly birthday cake. In 2016, Uptown welcomed a new veterinary clinic, Vetwerx on the ground floor of the Skyhouse apartment complex in Fourth Ward.

Dogs are welcome in most public spaces on leash throughout Center City. Frazier Park in Third Ward offers a spot for dogs to play off leash. Dogs are also a common site at Center City breweries, often seen relaxing on the patios with their owners.

Maggie does a lot of things on behalf of Charlotte Center City Partners, but in a nutshell, she provides answers to our questions. From the latest development numbers, to affordability statistics, to construction starts and transportation figures, if the data is public, Maggie can find it.

Just as Maggie is a resource to our team, please consider Charlotte Center City Partners your resource in our city’s urban core. We are always eager to be a part of your team with our research, meeting space, and relationships.

Maggie Collister



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