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Allison Mills
South End Community Manager
Allison, a native of the Lake Norman area just outside of Charlotte, is a passionate advocate for her beloved city. Raised in a family deeply rooted in Charlotte, she takes immense pride in supporting and contributing to the growth of her hometown. Having obtained her degree in Food Service Management and Baking & Pastries from Johnson and Wales University, Allison initially embarked on a culinary journey, managing bakeries across various locations in the United States.

However, a career shift led Allison to the vibrant South End neighborhood, where she managed the bustling WeWork office. During this time, she discovered her true passion for community building and supporting local businesses and their employees. This newfound love for fostering connections and empowering entrepreneurs inspired Allison to pursue a role with Charlotte Center City Partners.

Currently serving as the South End Community Manager, Allison dedicates her expertise and energy to facilitating the growth and activation of the neighborhood. Through her role, she diligently supports businesses in the area, ensuring their success and contributing to the overall vibrancy and economic vitality of South End. With her strong background in food service and her commitment to community engagement, Allison is a driving force in shaping the thriving landscape of this bustling district.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Allison continues to find joy in exploring all that Charlotte has to offer. Whether it's sampling the latest culinary delights, attending local events, or spending time outdoors.