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Charlotte’s Center City is a dynamic, perpetually changing place. The Uptown, South End, and Midtown districts are filled with diverse housing options; arts, culture, and sports; innovative small businesses and industry-leading corporations; abundant hospitality amenities; and outdoor spaces that range from hidden rooftop patios to lush green spaces. Center City’s beloved neighborhoods are thriving places that provide a mosaic of experiences for residents, workers, and visitors.


In Uptown, culture, arts, sports, dining, entertainment, living and business all intertwine as people converge to take advantage of every moment and opportunity. It's the place where we come together to celebrate holidays and victories but also the place to voice our truths as we face our community's biggest challenges. With an understanding of our history and hopeful, inclusive and bold plans for our future. Uptown isn't just a place to work or live or play. It's the place where we are better together and life is continually at its fullest, inviting everyone who wants to be part of it all. 

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South End

Maybe it's the location that brings people together, that inspires creativity, and that nurtures culture. Or maybe it's just the attitude. But whether it's for fun or work or both, South End is the neighborhood where anything is possible and good ideas thrive. From countless culinary experiences to homegrown breweries and coffee shops, fine art galleries to diverse retail experiences, there are so many ways to experience the neighborhood.

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Home to Central Piedmont Community College and the forthcoming The Pearl innovation district, Midtown sits adjacent to Uptown. It connects the Central Business District with top talent from Charlotte and beyond across a wide array of disciplines. Supported by $1.5 billion in private funding and $75 million in public investment, The Pearl will include a four-year medical school operated by Atrium Health, Wake Forest Baptist Health, and Wake Forest University and is expected to generate more than 5,500 new Center City jobs.