Observations from 7th Street Public Market

February 23, 2018 10:05 am

Charlotte has a food hall-and it’s been here, under your nose. Perfectly situated in Center City, the 7th Street Public Market opened in 2012 to the delight of Charlotte epicureans and foodies alike. Whether you haven’t been in a while, never been, or eat lunch there every Tuesday, here are a few observations made during a morning coffee at the Market:

It’s accessible.

On your lunch break from Uptown? Lazy Saturday morning with no food in the fridge? The Market is perfectly situated, with access from Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood, and Center City as well as being easily reachable from South End via the light rail with service extending up the North Tryon corridor (NoDa, UNCC) on March 16.

Assorted Table is just that.

Baby boomers remark about the well-curated wine selection as a 4-year-old presses her face against the glass display loaded with vintage Star Wars figurines.

The counter at Orrman’s looks like a movie set of a French seaside café.

And it may be the best cheese shop in North Carolina. Try the daily free sample or indulge in a sandwich featuring something from their case.

Not Just Coffee has great just coffee.

Ok, so I added a little cream. Don’t be scared by the long line-it moves quickly.

*pro tip: Have your coffee at the empty bar of Tank’s Taps (it’s too early for you to have a Hop Drop anyways). Prepay for your refill and skip the long line.

It is very Instagram-able.

From pizza to cheese blocks, cappuccino foam art to guitar socks (I bought them, thank you CLT Find), Kettle corn to craft beer, the Market is perfect for no-filter-needed photos and hashtagging.

You will notice the self-promotion immediately-and it should give you pride.

The common thread is simple: the Carolinas. Where else could you find a cheese aged in a collard leaf? (answer: Drunken Collards, Orrman’s)

The burger at Local Loaf has a reputation-I must do further research.

Coming soon to a newsletter near you, “Fantastic Burgers and When to Eat Them.”—Ben Jarrell


Ben Jarrell works at Charlotte Center City Partners as a communications contractor. He attended Johnson & Wales, served as the chef of Foxcroft Wine Co. at Southpark (perhaps you’ve enjoyed his donuts), and also cooked at Anson’s in Charleston, Sky Beach Resort in the Bahamas, Fig Bistro in Asheville, and at Delfina and Locanda in San Francisco.

While on staff here, he will be covering the food beat for Charlotte Center City Partners and working with the 7th Street Public Market. Ben wants his articles to highlight the food, restaurants and chefs we have in our community and to be a part of Charlotte’s culinary ascension.

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