Power to Recycle It! in Center City

April 26, 2011 10:33 pm

The City’s On-Street Recycling Program has recently been expanded with the installation of 20 additional recycling containers along Tryon Street. The recycling containers (paired with trash cans) are made possible through the Department of Energy block grant awarded to the City last Spring.

A total of 35 recycling containers are now available for public use in Center City. Charlotte is one of a few cities that provide on-street recycling in their Main Streets.

Pedestrians who live, work and visit Center City are encouraged to use the recycling containers to help reduce the amount of materials taken to the landfill. Items that can be recycled in the green on-street containers include:
– Aluminum cans
– Paper – magazines, newspaper
– Cardboard
– Plastic bottles
– Milk/juice cartons
– Juice boxes
– Steel/tin cans
– Glass bottles/jars

Non-recyclable items such as garbage, plastic bags, pizza boxes and Styrofoam should not be placed in the recycling containers.

The containers include signage promoting the City’s Power2 Charlotte campaign. The On-street Recycling Program is just one of many projects featured in the campaign.

For more information on all projects featured in the Power2 Charlotte campaign, visit www.power2charlotte.com. To learn more about recycling in the City of Charlotte, visit http://recycleit.charlottenc.gov.

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