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Courtney Morrin
South End Community Manager
As the South End Community Manager, Courtney collaborates with and supports property owners, managers, residents, and community leaders to further enhance the South End community.

Prior to joining Charlotte Center City Partners, Courtney worked in the social services nonprofit sector through food banks and the United Way, where she led economic response efforts through hurricanes and the COVID-19 pandemic. Courtney played a crucial role in providing rental and utility assistance to thousands of qualified individuals impacted by COVID-19, ensuring they received the support they needed during challenging times.

Courtney is no stranger to the power of community and is eager to tackle large projects that make a lasting impact. She firmly believes in the power of collaboration and building strong relationships with local decision-makers and leaders to enable the execution of her and her team’s big ideas.

Courtney's dedication to helping others and ensuring the South End community thrives is evident in her passion for creating a vibrant and inclusive neighborhood. With her experience and collaborative approach, she is confident in making a lasting impact in the South End community.